-- Honolulu Magazine

“At Goma Ichi Ramen, it’s got to be the sauce. There is nowhere on the island with a recipe quite like this.”

-- Honolulu Weekly

“Powerful, exhilarating, always’s all in the soup. Best gyoza in town.”

-- Louis, Honolulu

“Our favorite ramen shop in town. A little bit more difficult to find parking these days but worth the effort!”

-- Les & Jan, Honolulu

“The very best ramen in Hawaii. Love the Charsiu tan tan men. Ichiban.”

-- Bob, Honolulu

”Your Ramen is very tasty with a distinct taste! Expand to the Leeward side!”

-- Renee, Pearl City

“One of my favorite restaurants in Honolulu. I’m a noodle and soup lover and Gomaichi is tops! Additionally, the staff is courteous and friendly and make it an overall enjoyable experience. Keep up the great work!”

-- Stanley, Honolulu

”The best tantan ramen I’ve ever eaten!”

-- Michael, Honolulu

“Gomaichi’s tantan men is irresistibly good. Always a pleasant environment with consistently great service. It will undoubtedly be one of your favorite restaurants.”

-- Darian, Honolulu

”Consistent quality and great options. The soup base is complex and very good. The best gyoza in town. I love this place and have to come at least once a week.”

-- David, Kaneohe

“Gomaichi is the best ramen shop in Hawaii. The food is always good and the service is awesome.”

-- Kameron, Honolulu

”This is my favorite ramen shop. I like the tan tan men all varieties. The soup is what makes the ramen so delicious. The gyoza is also wonderful It is always cooked to perfection.”

-- Sevigny, Honolulu

“The best noodle house in the city. Reminds me of the classic cult movie “Tampopo” about the search for the perfect noodle recipe. It’s here!”

-- Mark, Honolulu

“Gomaichi has very unique menu and I love them!”

-- Sa, Honolulu